The Bench Coach: Take Down

The Bench Coach

baseball helmet rack, hanging helmet bag, dugout organizers


Once your game has ended and your players have removed their equipment, simply reverse the Set Up steps to take down The BenchCoach (leave the name cards in place for the season).

  • Remove the line up card holder and place it flat in one of the compartments.
  • Make sure everything has been removed from the compartments and accessory pockets.
  • Detach the 4 Velcro straps - each corner and the two in the middle.
  • Start at one corner and unhook The BenchCoach from the fence allowing it to fall to the dugout floor.
  • Let it drop down on top of itself then press the sections down to make it compact and straighten it a little if necessary.
  • Fold one half onto the other half and secure it closed with the closure strap.
  • Slide The BenchCoach into the carry bag and you're ready to go…