Featured Product: MMA training product "the WAG"

Featured Product

The pros use the WAGs for MMA training to develop:

1) Faster punches
2) More forceful strikes
3) Explosive kicks

(see MMA training workout on bottom of this page)

Here is what Professional MMA fighter Sam Hoger, and star of the first season of "Ultimate Fighter" has to say about his last fight that lasted 27 seconds:

"At the beginning of my training camp my hands were heavy and slow. I needed to find a way to male my hands faster and lighter inorder to put my punching combinations together best.  I tried using regular weights, but I found gripping them in my hand created an awkward feel. The weighted agility gloves provide balance and stability throughout my hand from my finger tips to my wrist giving a realistic applicable feel. These help prepare me better for my fights. Thanks to the weighted agility gloves, I KO'd my last opponent in less than 30 seconds!"

The Weighted Agility Gloves are a great way to train your game! If you want to have stronger and quicker hands you must train to have stronger and quicker hands.

The WAGs are the ONLY finger weighted glove in the world and are a great way to add resistance while maintaining the sport specific motion.

Having great hands is a necessary element of being a great MMA fighter and the WAGs are a great way to obtain a competitive edge over your opponent.

Wear them during training and you'll see improvement in no time! We guarantee that you will be satisfied, or your money back!


Introduction MMA Training Drills

Settle into a deep horse stance. Be sure to chamber both arms. With moderate speed extend one arm at
a time to execute the following strikes, each time fully re-chambering before executing a new strike.
When striking with the finger, flick the finger outward. Once you have gone through each strike one
arm at a time execute the strikes with both arms simultaneously.

Kenpo Finger set
1. Index finger eye gouge
2. Index and middle finger eye gouge
3. Thumb eye wipe

Kenpo Fist set
1. Jab
2. Back fist
3. High outside-inside chop
4. Low Hammer fist
5. High Hammer fist

Kenpo Blocking set
1. Rising fist
2. Outside-inside forearm
3. Inside-outside forearm
4. Low deflection
5. Low palm-heel leg check
6. Parry
7. Push block (to the inside shoulder/upper-arm joint)

Intermediate MMA Training Drills

Execute the beginner workout for warm up. When executing the punching series note the jab is the only
strike executed on only the leading arm. Each strike after the first is done with the lead arm and then
with the reserved arm in succession. After you finish running through the set, repeat the set doubling-up
on each strike. The third time you run through the set, do not double-up but rather execute a single
strike on each arm and repeat twice.

Punching/Hand Set (1-7)
1. Jab
2. Strong punch
3. Body hook
4. Uppercut
5. Tight head hook
6. Straight low punch
7. Wide hook (to head)

Kali Stick Blocking Set (1-5)
1. Roof block
2. Wing block
3. Shield
4. Deflect block
5. Pass

Advanced MMA Training Drills

Mix and match beginner workout with intermediate workout for warm-up. Play with combinations of
the following and also work up to executing the full number of strikes of the punching set rapidly, as
well as the finger set focusing on both speed and proper technique. Same rules apply for punching set
as set forth in the intermediate workout. All stick training should be done on both hands, and the “X”
strikes should be performed while imagining an “X” is your target. It is recommended to run through
the “Heaven 6” Striking Set slowly to warm up the wrists before beginning stick training with gloves.
Ending the workout with the “Heaven 6” is also a good warm-down.

Punching/Hand Set (1-15)
1. Jab
2. Strong punch
3. Body hook
4. Uppercut
5. Tight head hook
6. Straight low punch
7. Wide head hook
8. 45-degree falling tight head hook
9. 45-degree rising tight head hook
10.Back fist (left) to Hammer fist (right) combo
11. Face mush
12. Overhand hammer fist
13. High back fist
14.Low back fist
15. Reverse spinning back fist

Kali Stick “X” Strikes Set (1-5)
1. Right to left downward slash
2. Left to right upward slash
3. Right to left upward slash
4. Left to right downward slash
5. Forward thrust (to stomach)

Kali Stick 12 Basic Strikes
1. Right to left downward slash
2. Left to right downward slash
3. Left to right midsection slash
4. Right to left/Left to right double slash
5. Forward thrust (to stomach)
6. Reverse-grip forward thrust (to right pectoral)
7. Standard-grip forward thrust (to left pectoral)
8. Low right to left strike (to left leg)
9. Low left to right strike (to right leg)
10.Reverse-grip forward thrust (to right eye)
11. Standard-grip forward thrust (to left eye)
12.Downward bludgeon to the top of the head

Kali Stick Single Strikes
1. Redondo (vertical circle)
2. Short and long slash
3. Inside and outside abaniko (fan)
4. Witik (half-fan rap)
5. Arko (twirling strike)

Grappling and Jiujitsu
When incorporating the gloves into your grappling you will notice that all you need to do is wear the
gloves while sparring. Working your arm-bars, leg-bars, triangles, chokes, and basics with the gloves
will prove to be all you need. With grappling the gloves add natural resistance to the techniques.


This product is to be used for purposes of athletic training and similar activities only. Any other use of this glove such as a weapon or other harmful use is prohibited. Training with the gloves should ONLY be done in a closed setting without the possibility of contact with other players, persons, or objects. Avoid coming into contact with other players or individuals while wearing the gloves, as product under such use may cause harm to them.