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Increase Speed And Running Efficiency With the Weighted Agility Glove.

Here at Draz Athletics, we strive to create innovative multi-functional products to help athletes of all ages and stages of the game reach their highest performance potential. Our featured product, the Weighted Agility Glove, does just that.

How Does the W.A.G. Help You Run Faster?


Your lower body responds to upper body stimulus. Every action above the waist is countered below. Your hands and feet coordinate simultaneously, so a slow, weak, inefficient  upper body will be countered by a slow, weak, inefficient lower body.


Adding weight to your hands with the Weighted Agility Glove builds resistance as your feet and hands move together. When used for speed training, the W.A.G. overloads resistance to the arms. The removable finger weights allow you to adjust the amount of resistance. As weight is taken away, your body is “tricked” into moving faster.


You’ve never had a training aid like this. Gripping an average dumbbell or weight is bulky and forces continuous tension in the arm. With the W.A.G, you can remain in a relaxed state, allowing you to build muscle memory and train more efficiently. Not to mention, you look cooler than the guy still running around holding dumbbells.


The W.A.G leaves your hands free to run drills and focus on proper form and mechanics in your sports-specific motion. Because you are free to grip, you can catch, throw, dribble, pass, pitch, set, spike, hit… well, you get the picture.

Stay Tuned! The W.A.G. helps with more than just running. More to come- drills and tips from top baseball and softball coaches on how you can Train Your Game!


  1. Dorothy Miller says:

    I’ve been wearing WAGS during my workouts for about 4 months, and I love the feel of them; it makes me work a bit harder, and I am getting stronger faster. Even on the elliptical or treadmill I can feel the overall balancing effect, and I love it.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment, Dorothy! We are so glad you are seeing results!

  3. Louise Davis PGA Member says:

    As a golf instructor, I have used the weighted agility gloves to help eliminate the “over the top move” in the backswing by asking students to make a backswing and stop up top. With the extra weight, it helps the club return to the ball more from the inside from this stopped position. With a little bit of work and training, it helps eliminate this “over the top” move allowing for a more consistent ball flight.

    With my female golfers, the gloves help train them to square the club through impact. Typically I will use a split grip for drill purposes to help train them but with the added weight of the gloves, this training is much easier. Not only do these gloves help with improving golf swings, but they are fantastic when used as a replacement for hand weights.

    Try these gloves, they are great!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Louise! It’s really great to get a professional’s viewpoint on how the gloves have helped. We love to hear about creative ways trainers are using the WAGs to fit individual needs.

  5. Jeff Ernst says:

    I am a Dentist and enjoy running. I have found the WAG to enhance both my hobby and my livelihood! The first time I ran with the WAG I noticed an increase in calories burned and a more intense workout. I also believe it helps build core strength as my abdominals felt as if I’d done a hundred sit ups. In Dentistry I believe it has reduced hand fatigue and increased hand strength and dexterity. Kudos and thanks to Draz Athletics for getting me in better shape and helping me enjoy my job more, increase my efficiency and make me more money!! Jeffrey Ernst DDS

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  7. Anyone who likes football and everything about football must be thrilled with this article… I’m just a little bit sad that there is no more comments on this article…

  8. admin says:


    Just looking through some older posts and was curious what progress you have seen over time. We trust the durability of the gloves have been great for you. Thanks again for your business.